Monday, May 18, 2009

Bedbugs LXXXII

Bedbugs LXXXII

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Embrace change and tell me what
you want, not need. Privately
or sung from rooftops premiering
in time for our lives to begin.
Getting darker out, but strangely warmer.
Tapping on the wall for another's actions
come into play at last before the
room was empty a minute ago, either
way we were left behind. Knowing
the way out, talk to this girl before
I do. Someone is trying to communicate.
They will leave the answers behind and eventually
compromising silence between
the sounds of a point being made
with no one to hear it. Seasons
flash by as I can see through the
fog and know that important things
will soon come to a close. Telling
branched and arthiritic, it's still progress
and kept fanning the flames of ambition
even when everyone in the neighborhood
knows the sun is setting. However, a new
smile will replace it.

Next chapter's seven phrases/groups of words:

-at the bottom of an oily pool
-one note sustained
-euphoric on the anniversary of
-it's about time it all began
-you'll pay and won't even realize it
-she is out there, looking as well
-write the ending happy, if that's how you want it


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