Friday, June 26, 2009

Bedbugs LXXXVI

Bedbugs LXXXVI

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Trusted advice given down by the riverside:
never depend on anyone else for
happiness or money or she'll get hers but only
if she knows somewhere
she did wrong. It's cooling down and
we are, for your happiness and mine,
beginning to focus. Clarity hitch
up to the dream once more and meet
old friends on the path. Soon it will be like
no time has passed. You'll forget the record and its-
no scarcity to be found! Kill that thought and
embrace an abundant one.
Come closer- still think of ya from time to time
as my spine distorts- is that noise
coming from outside?

Next chapter's seven phrases/groups of words:

-the brothers buried him
-no secrets in this town
-she will sleep with you
-think it over before
-curious about what you said
-overcast again
-it truly won't hurt for long


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