Monday, August 11, 2008

SWING VOTE by Frank Palmcoast

When he's not watching, with beads of sweat, his fellow, legally blind, senior citizens parallel park, Frank Palmcoast is catching seven dollar movies at the local multiplex from sunny Pompano Beach, Florida. He's retired, he's angry at the world, he can't spell to save his life, and he hates Hollywood almost as much as Hillary Clinton, but that will not stop our irreverent, dementia fightin', AARP card carrying everyman from giving us a fresh take on all things Hollyweird. Besides, how can he pass up that marvelous senior citizen discount?


Frank Palmcoast RETURNS from agonizing knee replacement surgery to cast his vote on Kevin Coster's latest flick
Swing Vote


As usual, nothing much happening at the movies. So instead of watching Matlock reruns, we saw Kevin Costner's newest picture and Costner's newest toupee! Many stars in this one: Dennis Hopper, Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer,Tucci, George Lopez, Judge Reinhold and many guest appearances like Willie Nelson, Richard Petty and by the way Petty looked like he died and they forgot to bury him! Without a doubt Madeline Carrol stole the entire movie! Governor Bill Richardson can't be to happy the way the movie shows that everyone in New Mexico lives in Mobile homes and that's not completely true, they also live in tents! It's hard to believe hollyweird allowed no violence, no sex, no nudity and no real vulgar language! I suppose this flick is a satire about our political system. Typically hollyweird presents the presumption that only liberals want world peace, a clean environment and a better economy for the poor. I believe this is a delightful movie and it should be seen by our current presidential candidates. The character that Costner plays, Bud is a felon and felons don't vote and also one man cannot determine the end results, only the electoral college can determine the outcome. This film does projects certain themes: drunkenness, child abuse and neglect, political waste, a sad commentary about America but true! We think we, America lead the free world and we have on of the lowest voter turnouts. We have been invaded by Mexico, we allowed an illegal war, our useless congress and government is running up the national debt by trillions of dollars, a very weeken dollar, stupid health care, the dumbing down of our education system and this movie was making fun of America and rightly so! This is a must if you want to see how George Bush got elected.If you are part of this dumbing down in America, don't go to see this picture---you may have to think! Swing Vote got my vote!
Palmcoast Returns

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